We are a movement and functional fitness gym in Melbourne. If you want a body you love to live in, that moves with strength, flexibility, balance and control... You've come to the right place.

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I’ve trained with cohesion for 18 months and it’s become an integral part of my life. It’s nice being in an environment which fosters a community spirit, yet in an activity which requires a highly personal drive needed to push your own limits. I’ve seen a huge change physically, but the mental and lifestyle changes are more dramatic.

Benny Mac // Designer

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Is Your Body Falling Asleep?

It’s common for many of us to sit at a desk for too long. This causes certain areas of your body to fall asleep, limiting your ability to move how you want, when you want.

You cannot simply wake up your body without a method of practice. What we teach is the skill of moving your body with strength, balance and mindful engagement. It is a practice that focuses on re-awakening your primal state of being to become more confident in the body you have, for the things you live for.

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Why Cohesion Gym

1. Passion + Experience

This is the essence of everything we do. We love helping others realise the potential of how their body can move. Our personal trainers walk the talk and are inspiring movers.

What Defines Our Trainers?

2. Variety of Training Programs

We provide an extensive range of personal training programs focused around strength, flexibility, endurance, movement skills, even handstands. We help you find the right blend of programs for your needs, and personalise each of them to your level.

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3. Community Environment

Cohesion Gym Melbourne is a place where you’re on a first name basis. You’ll notice straight away that everyone is positive and genuinely supportive.

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"It's s great alternative to standard gyms. I’d recommend it as a more effective way of achieving your training goals."

− Jeromy Llewellyn-Jones

"In simplest terms...
Training at Cohesion makes you just feel good."

− Jess Lees

"I never liked gyms ever before learning about my body with Cohesion.
Cohesion feels like a community, where the staff know me and I them."

− Marc Jurblum


Who Do We Work With?

We work with a wide range of people from business professionals, successful athletes, circus performers, martial artists, yogi’s, silver haired warriors and many more.

Regardless of your current fitness level we only ask for one thing… That you make an honest commitment to your health. Combine your commitment with our passion and know how, then you’ve got a recipe for results.

Beginner – Advanced
Athlete’s and Sportspeople
Health Professionals and Personal Trainers

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